News and Info
29/May/2011 Stinkersoos and the Shitox Rally - The Epic Journey
07/Mar/2008 All cut up - Slight accident with a glass top table will leave me with a pretty cool scar
21/Jun/2007 Design update - I know it doesnt look like i do much here, but its all happening behind the scenes. The re-design if for...
03/Oct/2006 Good weekend... - Managed to have a pretty productive weekend for once, lots of stuff done but wasnt too intense. Oh yea...
06/Sep/2006 Tahleť - Shannon and Matts baby
03/Sep/2006 Upgrade of - Yet another new design, for no reason other then I wanted to.
26/Aug/2006 Birthday time again - Dang, everyone is turning 30
24/Feb/2006 More cats - Ummm, the kittens have turned into giant furballs
21/Aug/2005 Projector cabinet - Finally completed (mostly) the projector cabinet.
14/Aug/2005 Snow trip 2005 - Back from holidays and the snow.
23/Jun/2005 Site update - Now with new and improved thumbnails
20/Jun/2005 My wall, now with new and improved colours! - Why measure your TV size in centimetres when you can measure it in metres...
20/Jun/2005 Little life moves forward - The furballs are getting bigger, and furrier...
08/Jan/2005 Me gots some kitties! - Two cute little kittens have joined the crew at the new place.
11/Dec/2004 The new pad - As of the 11th of December 2004, I've moved from Hornsby to Ryde in Sydney!
17/Nov/2004 Im getting OLD - Its been 10 years since my final year of high school already...
09/Jun/2004 Interesting spelling trick - The following is from an email thats been going around for a while. Thought i might stick i...
06/Jun/2004 New visual style applied - We have implemented a new cleaner scalable interface for
02/Mar/2004 Yay, back online - It took near six weeks, but the servers connection has been restored.
29/Sep/2003 Perhaps more testing should be done - Loss of database connectivity after connection pool update
04/May/2003 Site update - Just implemented a new revision that will use an alternative inserting method to speed up database functio...
23/Mar/2003 Platform update - The software base system has been updated
14/Dec/2002 Server will be up and down in the coming weeks... - Software package updates will mean some *consistency* problems due t...
30/Oct/2002 Back from the US - Australia is the best country on the planet
17/Oct/2002 Holidays - I'm heading over the the US for a mates wedding and a few touristy activities.
13/Sep/2002 Schema viewer online - Basic (budget) javascript schema viewer has gone up.
10/Aug/2002 MD5, Morse code parser progress - The MD5 digestor has been put online, as has the mostly complete morse code parser.
26/Jul/2002 Teotwin Logo - Attached is the latest teotwin logo for a look-see
26/Jul/2002 Consistency upgrade complete - Completed without any hiccups...almost...
24/Jul/2002 Planned downtime - Back end *consitency* upgrades will bring the server down for a period this weekend
20/Jul/2002 Functionality update - Some irregular behaviour has prompted a partial re-write of some base functionality
19/Jul/2002 Security hole blocked - Upgrade to new Java Development Kit functionality created security issues.